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Register a pupil for the Entrance Assessment

Registration is now open for children transferring to post-primary school in September 2025. Registration closes 23:59 on Friday 20th September 2024.

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Register a pupil for the Entrance Assessment

Registration is now open for children transferring to post-primary school in September 2024. Registration closes at 23:59 on Friday 20th September 2024.

Get Started!

Welcome to everyone who is interested in the SEAG 2024 Entrance Assessment. The Pupil Registration Process started on 20th May and runs until Friday 20th September 2024 (11.59pm)

The SEAG 2024 Entrance Assessment is for pupils who will be transferring to post primary schools in September 2025 and whose parents may be considering a place at a SEAG school for their child.



Over 7900 Pupil Applications now received

Over 7,900 parents have now submitted Pupil Applications for the 2024 SEAG Entrance Assessment with a further 500 having been started. We look forward to receiving more Pupil Applications in the coming days and weeks.

Parents may find that some Assessment Centres are no longer available, because they have reached their capacity, but there is still very good availability in most of our Assessment Centres.

Please use the Frequently Asked Questions in our "Guidance for Parents" Section of the website and / or "A Guide for Parents and Teachers of P6 Pupils" which is the last of the Resources - also in the Guidance for Parents Section to help you if you have any queries when completing the Pupil Application.

If you are requesting Access Arrangements you must make sure you have ALL the documentation you will need before you submit that Section. You have until 11.59pm Friday 20th September 2024 to upload your Access Arrangement documentation .

REGISTRATION OF PUPILS FOR THE 2024 ENTRANCE ASSESSMENT WILL CLOSE ON FRIDAY 20th SEPTEMBER 2024 at 11.59pm. Only pupils who are registered can sit the Entrance Assessment.

SATURDAY 16th NOVEMBER 2024 Entrance Assessment Paper 1; SATURDAY 23rd NOVEMBER 2024 Entrance Assessment Paper 2

SATURDAY 25th JANUARY 2025 SEAG Results Day

The Specification and Format for the SEAG 2024 Entrance Assessment are identical to those used for 2023 and are in the Guidance for Parents - Resources Section of this website.

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How To Register

Step 1

Parent/Guardian Registration

Parent/Guardian will be able to register any pupils when this page opens.

Step 2

Pupil Application

Submit the information to the SEAG website and request the location of the assessment centre to attend.

Step 3

Essential Documentation

Upload necessary documentation such as identification materials, birth certificate and passport size photograph.

Step 4

Optional Documentation

Provide documentation to support your request for access arrangements (if required).

Step 5


Each application requires an administration fee of £20 which will be paid through the website. Those entitled to Free School Meals Entitlement (FSME) will not be required to submit a fee, but will need to provide the necessary verification of FSME status.

Step 6

Registration Complete

Your completed registration will be confirmed through the online system.

Key Dates & Milestones

Registration Opens - 20th May 2024

Registration Closes - 20th September 2024

Pupil Cards Issued - 2nd October 2024

Assessment Paper 1 - 16th November 2024

Assessment Paper 2 - 23rd November 2024

Results Issued - 25th January 2025

Remark Opens - 27th January 2025

Remark Closes - 5th February 2025