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Thank you to everyone who sat the 2023 SEAG Entrance Assessment. SEAG Outcomes will be available from Saturday 27th January 2024.

SEAG is pleased to be able to provide and administer the Entrance Assessment used by all 63 academically selective schools in N. Ireland from 2023. The registration process will be online and easy to use for parents / guardians wishing to register their children.



Sharing SEAG Entrance Assessment Outcomes with Primary Schools

SEAG can confirm that it intends to share pupil Entrance Assessment outcomes with primary schools.  During the pupil registration process , each parent gave consent for their child's outcomes to be shared with the primary school. If any parent would now prefer that their child's outcomes are not shared with the primary school the parent must, by 18th January 2024,  take the following steps: 1) Log on to your dashboard; 2) Scroll down and click on "Ask a Question";  3) Send SEAG a message with the subject "Don't share SEAG Outcomes";  4) Request that your child's SEAG outcomes are not shared with the primary school and give the full name of the primary school. (NB please do not use admin@seagni.co.uk for these requests)

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How To Register

Step 1

Parent/Guardian Registration

Parent/Guardian will be able to register their child when this page opens.

Step 2

Pupil Application

Submit the information to the SEAG website and request the location of the assessment centre to attend.

Step 3

Essential Documentation

Upload necessary documentation such as identification materials, birth certificate and passport size photograph.

Step 4

Optional Documentation

Provide documentation to support your request for access arrangements (if required).

Step 5


Each application requires an administration fee of £20 which will be paid through the website. Those entitled to Free School Meals (FSME) will not be required to submit a fee, but will need to provide the necessary verification of FSME status.

Step 6

Registration Complete

Your completed registration will be confirmed through the online system.

Key Dates & Milestones

Registration Opens - 3rd May 2023

Registration Closes - 2nd October 2023

Assessment Paper 1 - 11th November 2023

Assessment Paper 2 - 25th November 2023

Results Issued - 27th January 2024

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